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Athena Etana Interview to N.M.I. Magazine

NEWS MEDIA INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE INTERVIEWING ATHENA ETANA. Tell us about your brand:   Athená:   I am a music producer, composer, vocalist, writer and a sound and acoustics engineer. I am the first woman in electronic music in Greece to combine all the five above. I am also the CEO of Sirius Owl Records.  I have collaborated with known artists from all over the globe, dominating the electronic music scene from 2007. I have completed three world tours by now, and I have been awarded by two major organizations in Berlin, Germany and in Athens and Thessaloniqué, Greece. When did you know this is the right path for you:    Athená:   Since I can remember. I was singing and making music with everything I could find inside my parents house. Of course everything changed when at the age of 14, I joined my first band, singing jazz and falling in love with scatting and Ella Fitzgerald. But definitely it shifted way further when two years later, at 16 years of a