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Athena Etana will give a live streaming concert presenting her new V.A. compilation Saturday 18th April 2020

Athena Etana, returns at the dawn of her new V.A. compilation "Metabhakti Silence Vol.2 Compiled by Athena Etana". Athena Etana announces that she will present brand new music, along with her biggest hits in her first online, live streaming concert, accompanied by a closing DJ set, where she will present some of the tracks of her new long-awaited V.A. compilation, "Metabhakti Silence Vol.2 Compiled by Athena Etana" that will be released on April 20th, which falls two days after the live streaming concert.  For the first time we will get a glimpse of ​​the music that will be included in the compilation, featuring tracks from international music producers of global scope and international recognition. The live will be broadcasted on the official Facebook page of  Sirius Owl Records  on Facebook and the label's official YouTube channel. & The n


How would you define Chronos today? Its the15th years anniversary in this year for Chronos Music. After hundreds of concerts around the world, collaborations with lots of talented producers in different genres & jams with great musicians –  for me, “Chronos” is way more than a musical project. Its a life experience, a style of living & a great opportunity to share emotions, knowledge & my philosophy to the people. Do you think you have reached your goal on awakening consciousness through music for your listeners and fans? I believe its far more to open, to share in the future and this is endless. We are living in the world of fast changes – in consciousness, technology, our habits and our vision – so in every moment there are new ideas and an new opportunity, also new instruments to share this ideas. And its a goal – to shift usual perception.