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Athena Etana: "Hierotelesis" album review: 'Epic, Divine and Otherwordly'

                                                                                                                                                                    By   Achilles Dorikos   1st of November 2016   •   A thena Etana is fearless and definitely the favourite vocalist in electronic music communities . With the release of her long waited inventive debut album she socked the world. Not only She releases again her debut EP as a new Deluxe LP, she brings a new depth in every tune brought by her classical influences and her weird psychoacoustics experiments she so gracefully performs, in a genre people never thought could fit. But Etana (now26) always praised her acoustics engineering abilities under the glowing vocalist persona. A former soprano that studied physics, acoustics and philosophy, before becoming involved with electronic music scene, Etana has previously come out swirling on the defence of women in music industry, feminism and copyright infri