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Athena Etana signs for crafting her own words with Greek Academy of Culture!

Athena Etana is ready to sign for inventing the word "Hierotelesis" for her new album! Photos from the ceremony in Athens are about to be released here!!!! <3 GET NEW ALBUM HERE: itunes apple music bandcamp

Organic Mathematics? OMG! Athena Etana just release her new album's Artwork!

Athena Etana is everywhere this summer! Already performed from Norway and all the way down to Turkey with incredible shows and new music we can't wait to grab!!! Fasten your seat belts because this journey is long and definitely out of Space! Dropped gorgeous right? Please, Share & Comment!

My 108 Athena Principles of Wisdom

Dear ones,  I am happy to deliver to you my "108 Athena Principles" are here to help you in your accession journey with remembrance, light and above all Love!  The Law of Abundance Sufficient resources exist to accomplish anything you want to do. The Law of Acceptance What you do not fully accept, you cannot change. The Law of Accountability The more you have, the greater your accountability. The Law of Action Your intentions are effective only when you act on them. The Law of Akasha Akasha is the universal substance upon which consciousness acts. The Law of Analogy Sometimes a thing may best be understood in terms of its similarity to other things you already understand. The Law of As Above, So Below The universe is reflective—what exists in one dimension has a correspondence in every dimension. The Law of Ascension As your soul frequency increases, you ascend into higher dimensions. The Law of Attachment All attachments draw energy from you. The La